3 Designs That Will Inspire Your Honeymoon

Let’s take a break from all the wedding talk. Let’s talk about what you are going to be doing after the wedding day. The honeymoon. Wherever you are going you are going to be sure your new wife is going to want some very fashionable clothing to wear. This we know. The tricky part can be finding a style that is going to match your trip, and then once you find a style finding the right shop.

Look number one: somewhere hot

Going somewhere hot? Why not surprise her with some floral print short shorts? Match it up with a neutral tank top and she will be ready for a day walking down cobblestone streets and then onto the beach seamlessly. This look would fit in a coffee shop mid-day or strolling city streets enjoying some night life.

Look number two: Somewhere city

A lot of honeymooners are checking out cities they have always wanted to visit. What an opportunity to gift her some fashionable urban clothing that will have her glowing through the streets for her honeymoon. I love a knee length denim skirt for the inspired city look. Match this up with a patterned blouse and you have a highly fashionable, super functional outfit for the city.

Look number three: Somewhere laidback

Honeymoon to the mountains? A forest retreat? Somewhere you just plan on relaxing and taking in the sites – at your own leisure? Get her a flowing jumpsuit or playsuit. These look great and they ooze sophisticated relaxation. Something about a jumpsuit just screams fun, and that’s what honeymooning is all about!

Get her the gift of clothes and you will make her honeymoon unforgettable

Starting your life together is something to get excited about! Buying your wife some clothing for your honeymoon together is going to show her you aren’t afraid to get her something you think would look good on her. From floral print short shorts to super fun jumpsuits or fun and classy skirts check out thehalf.com.au – I know you are going to love the selection just as much as I did.

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