How to Accessorise/style a Floral Dress

Floral prints are one of the hottest new fashion trends this year. You’ll likely see bold, colourful, and beautiful floral designs on many of your favourite pieces. However, among all of them, the floral dress is the number one item on everyone’s wish list. If you’ve already gotten your hands on a gorgeous floral dress, you may be wondering the best ways to style it. Don’t worry! We’ll tell you all how to accessorize/style a floral dress.

A Straw Handbag

Floral Dress

While you could match many purses with a floral dress, nothing seems to go as good with it as a straw handbag. As you see in the photo, our model Candice as paired our Lizzie Maxi Dress in green with a simple, rustic straw handbag, the See You Tomorrow Bag in nude. The natural tones of the handbag pair well with the bright colours of the floral pattern. It matches yet contrasts enough to stand out on its own. If straw bags aren’t something you like, you can also look at hemp, wicker, and other natural handwoven materials.

Simple Jewelry

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You can’t have the perfect look without the right accessories, and jewellery at the top of the list! Floral dresses pair very well with simple, matching jewellery. In the attached photo, you will see Ivy wearing our Teagan Botanical Dress in beige. You’ll notice she’s wearing modest jewellery pieces that compliment the flow of the dress. It’s even better if you can match your jewellery to the theme of your floral attire. For example, any colour floral dress would pair perfectly with our Golden Circle Earrings, Galaxy Tonight Necklace, and Clove Hitch Set Bracelets.

Cute Pair of Sandals or Heels

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Finally, we suggest pairing your floral dress with a neutral colour pair of sandals or heels. In the picture here, Olivia is wearing our All Dolled Up Mini Dress in green with a cute pair of strappy beige heels. Choosing between sandals or heels is completely up to your personal preference. With whichever you decide on, we suggest pairing it with a beautiful piece of jewellery such as our Abigail Anklet. This statement piece will have many eyes looking upon you in envy!


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