Traveling to Singapore

Singapore obviously is the most travelled cities in the world and now following the release of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ the city has just gotten hotter!

We are breaking down what to wears together with where to visit in this exotic Asian city!

First of all - A FLYING OUTFIT

Key essentials for a long hour flight: stay hydrated, wear comfortable clothes, maybe a pair of sunnies to complete to look so when you disembark from the plane you still look stunning.

Lizzie Metallic Midi Dress: comfortable length, soft velvet material with a metallic colour giving your comfortable outfit a fashion twist.

Lizzie Metallic Midi Dress--velvet material with a metallic colour



In the film Crazy Rich Asians, one of the first places Nick took Rachel is its famous open-air food court - NEWTON Food Centre where you can enjoy the localities over beautiful Asian cuisines such as Chilli Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee and more.


To be in this crazy frenetic place all you need is to tie up your hair and loosen up then enjoy. 

The Perfect ‘Just go with it’ outfit

Anastasia Grey Crop Tee--Australia Clothing Online Boutique

Gardens by the Bay


In the film,  the reception venue for Colin and Armaminta’s wedding is Gardens by the Bay the waterfront botanical garden which incorporate one of the worlds largest temperature-controlled flower domes that house thousands of botanical species.


In this field of botanical flowers, we still would like you to stand out. A minimalist polka dot mini dress is perfect for this occasion.

Polly Dolly Mini Dress--Polka Dot Mini Dress


The Marina Bay Sands the most iconic landmarks in Singapore, wherein the film Nick and Rachel spend a great night.

Dress versatile for this extravagant hotel. Be playful with your accessories on our ‘Im Feeling lucky jumpsuit’ switching it from a by the pool day outfit to a night out garment.

 Im Feeling Lucky Jumpsuit-- Dress Australia

 Sentosa Island


An Island off Singapore’s southern coast there are beaches, hotels, spas, amusement parks, a water park, and aquarium everything you need to wind down and de-stress.


To be in this holiday wonderland can we have a pinch of summer, please!

The ‘Fall in Fall Playsuit’ with pineapple print, mini in length and an open bust featuring a double tie closure will be the perfect outfit for you.

Fall in Fall Playsuit--Summer Women Outfit

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