Unique dress selection inspirited by the celebrities’ fashion style

Unique dress selection inspirited by the celebrities’ fashion style

If there is one important thing that we have learned from the celebrities is how to wear and style certain pieces, among which are the dresses. Up until recently, many girls and women did not have an idea about how certain dress would fit them and that same dress was entirely left out from shopping. However, thanks to the celebrities, their street style, and social media posts, women got an inspiration and boost in trying something new and different.

 We at The HALF Boutique are proud to offer you the best palette of dresses that are inspired by celebrities' styles. Take your inspiration from the suggestions below!

Asymmetrical midi dress

This is a type of dress that many of you would not even look at. But have you seen Hailey Bieber or Kendal Jenner? These two are frequently wearing this dress and even though they have the perfect bodies, most of you could rock it too. The thin straps, the deep and sexy cleavage, and the asymmetric ruffle-ending are more than enough details to make this dress unique and special. 

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Cute mini dress

Popular It-girls and influencers like Olivia Culpo and Camila Coelho are loving this dress. The flower pattern, the straps and the defined and revealing top, as well as the mini length, make this dress an excellent choice for the summertime. Styling is pretty easy – you can always choose sneakers or flats, or for a high-end look – add some boots.  

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Sexy & shaping dress

Being comfortable in your body and flaunting your curves is something that Kim Kardashian proudly shows. No matter if you like her or not, she has been an inspiration for many, showing how to own and dress your body. The sexy and shaping dresses are high on her clothing list, so now is a great time to try it out. Short, tight, shimmery and with-long sleeves, this is the kind of dress that will present you in a whole new vibe. 

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Maxi and flowy dress

Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, and Blake Lively are just some of the celebrities that want to keep elegance in front of the trends. One type of dress that never goes out of style is the light maxi dress. With cap sleeves and sewed-in belt to accent the waistline, this is a go-to choice for many. Even some of the Royals were seen wearing it. And any pattern you choose will work on this excellent garment.

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For more dress online inspo, head to The HALF Boutique!

Enjoy shopping!

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